Jiangsu Erhuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd
Name:Jiangsu Erhuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd
Equipments detail
Equipment: vertical cartridge dust collector
Equipment Type: Environment Protection Equipment -> Dust Removal
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2017-02-07
Main Features:
Usage: Welding ,cutting ,dust, grinding Match with Cutting equipment Automatic welding plant
Description: Vertical cartridge dust collector 99.999% removal efficiency, emission ≤ 0.1mg/m3 Ultra-efficient dust purification system: Vertical cartridge filter + HEPA (H14) air filter machine, an ultra-fine dust precipitator field by efficient cabinet, dust box, dust collector hopper bottom, anti-injection system and the external system components supporting the fan, dust collector pipe connection box and fan system, divided by a partition inside the box dust filter chamber and clean rooms, modular design, modular assembly, filter chamber equipped with front pull door device, you can pull the front door, so you can easily install or cartridge loading and unloading, will not take the filter holder to fix the cartridge, cartridge them safer, faster and more convenient. Vertical-type cartridge filter cartridge filter than the Xiecha better cleaning, cleaning no dead ends, purification efficiency, handling air volume, cartridge, long life, maintenance workload is small, safe and reliable.
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